CRI Health

Our Method

Partnering with implementing organizations is a collaborative and rigorous process. At the beginning of any grant cycle, each NGO is asked to consider the milestones they expect to achieve during their funding cycle. Where appropriate and feasible, these will include health outcomes.

We usually ask for reporting and a check-in call twice per year. But frankly, we usually talk to our grantees way more often than that. Sometimes to help with a problem, other times to celebrate a big win — we’re always happy to hear from our grantees.

At the end of the grant cycle, we go through a robust renewal process to determine if the grantee is still a fit for our funding strategy. In cases where grantees are no longer a fit, we try to give as much notice as possible. In cases where the grantee is still a fit, we invite them to apply for a renewal.


What We Look For

Early-stage organizations

need to demonstrate high-potential for big impact. Organizations that are not evidence-based must be evidence-generating, with a clear and compelling theory of change. Equally important, early-stage organizations must be driven to test and iterate on their model. 

Established organizations

must have a record of exceptional cost-effective impact. We also look for a track record of game-changing wins like government adoption of a high-impact protocol, or attributable influence of peer organizations or institutions.